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Electrotherapy in Leicester

An effective technique

Electrotherapy is a method of treatment of many types of pain, both subacute and chronic. This treatment is useful on its own and also a useful complement to other physical treatments. It enhances the effectiveness of natural pain control mechanisms. Contact Anstey Physio Stirixis for more information.

Pain reduction and more

Modern techniques

Electrotherapy help to reduce pain, improve circulation, repair tissues, strengthen muscle and also relaxing of tighten muscles. It leads to an improvement in physical function and mobility. Research data shows that a larger number of people find electrotherapy very helpful. Electrical stimulation through electrodes is applied to a muscle that is normally innervated. Muscle fibres are stimulated through their nerve endings so that the current stimulates the motor nerve. This treatment aims to artificially induce muscle contractions to keep muscle healthy. The nerve axons are then allowed to grow back to reach the muscle and restore its ability to contract.

Conditions we can help

Versatile and effective

• Back and neck pain • Sprain • Disc herniation • Fibromyalgia • Osteoarthritis • Arthritis • Tendinitis • Bursitis • Capsulitis • Epicondylitis • Rheumatism • Shingles • Perineal pain

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