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Sports rehabilitation in Leicester

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We are experts in treating muscular and musculoskeletal injuries and conditions for athletes of all disciplines. We will discuss and create a management plan to guide you to the best possible recovery. For more information, contact Anstey Physio Stirixis in Leicester today.

5 stages of sports rehabilitation
Phase 1. Protection and Offloading

Protection from further damage to support healing

Phase 2. Protected Reloading and Reconditioning

Gentle exercise and strain to aid recovery and repair

Phase 3. Sport Specific Strength, Conditioning and Skills

Sport specific activity to aid recovery and prevent reinjury

Phase 4. Return to Sport

Easing back into playing the sport you love

Phase 5. Injury Prevention

Working on improving performance whilst monitoring injury recovery

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The main objectives of sports rehabilitation

Versatile and effective

• Increased muscle strength following a musculoskeletal injury, in the presence of neurological disorders, before and after surgery • Gain or maintenance of joint amplitude • Decrease in spasticity • Perineal rehabilitation • Improve muscle performance • Promote a faster return to normal function while reducing the risk of relapse after and injury

We use the latest techniques

Electrotherapy and ultrasound

As part of your rehabilitation, we use effective methods to accurately diagnose the location and cause of your pain, but to also relieve target and relieve it. As well as these techniques, we also use manual methods and posture correction. For more information on any of our methods, please contact our physiotherapists today.

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